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Napa Wine Country In The Autumn
Napa Wine Country In The Autumn
Napa Wine Country In The Autumn
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Napa Winery Inn Journal

Adventures In Napa Valley, California

A Simple Drive Through the Napa Valley

Many people come to the Napa Valley for the wine and fine cuisine. Others come for the myriad of recreational activities from hot air ballooning to visiting the hot springs. There is another experience that many people overlook… a simple drive through the vineyards and hills that surround the Napa Valley.

Starting at Napa Winery Inn it is a short drive north on St. Helena Hwy (29) to Rutherford where you can cross over to the Silverado Trail. From the Silverado Trail continue your adventure north towards Calistoga. This is where your adventure begins as there are hundreds of little country roads that lead off through the vineyards and mountains. Find an old oak tree, pull over and have a picnic in the center of the valley surrounded by vineyards and mountains.

This is the exact story of the “Experience Autumn In Napa Valley” video (above). In this simple video we ventured north on the Silverado Trail and turned off on Pickett Rd, stopped, got out the video camera and continued driving down the road. This video is unedited … just a simple drive in the Napa Valley. Come to Napa, stay at the Napa Winery Inn, and explore this magical valley. Every season is unique: fall colors, winter streams and rivers, spring green and summer sun.