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Napa Wine Country In The Autumn
Napa Wine Country In The Autumn
Napa Wine Country In The Autumn
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Napa Winery Inn Journal

Adventures In Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley’s Chocolate Shops

Dark and brown chocolate candies

It’s no secret that chocolate is the confectionery match to wine. So in wine country, finding decadent treats and intricately designed creations from leading chocolate boutiques is fairly easy. From handcrafted truffles to almond turtles and heavenly dark chocolate, the Napa Valley’s chocolates are all made with the highest level of care and expertise. Treat yourself to a sweet at one of these chocolate shops.

Plan a Weekend Getaway to the Napa Valley

 Drinking red wine at vineyard farmhouse

Whether it’s been a stressful week at work or you’re just itching to get away, a weekend trip to the Napa Valley is the perfect time to recharge. The Napa Winery Inn is here to help you make the most of your short time in wine country. Here’s what to do on a quick getaway without planning ahead, and where to go for maximum fun.

Visit the Napa Valley Museum

Couple studies a painting

People may visit for the wine, but the Napa Valley has a rich history worth exploring. Tucked off the St. Helena Highway is a must-visit destination for anyone who holds wine country near and dear to their hearts. The Napa Valley Museum enriches the community by collecting, preserving, and displaying art and precious artifacts. So take a break from the vineyards and learn about the Napa Valley’s history, culture, and environment. Here’s why you must visit the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville.

5 of the Best Wine Caves in the Napa Valley

Wine cellars

The Napa Valley’s beauty is vast, with rolling hills, sprawling vineyards, and picturesque wineries scattered along the hillside. But there is a whole underground that often goes unnoticed when traveling through wine country. Cave systems branch out in underground mazes that can be as exquisite as their tasting rooms overhead. The Napa Valley’s wine caves are some of the grandest in the world. Here are five not to be missed.

Where to Find Gifts on a Budget in the Napa Valley

Giving Gifts in Napa

The Napa Valley prides itself on being creative and keeping it local, so it’s no wonder visitors seek out the vibrant maker community. Sometimes locally made things can be pricey, so we’re here to guide you in the right direction to find thoughtful and practical holiday gifts on a budget. From handcrafted culinary delights to discounted designer wares, here’s where to find the perfect gift for friends and family, just in time for the holidays.

Downtown Napa’s Lighted Art Festival

Lighted Arts Festival

Don’t Miss Downtown Napa’s Lighted Art Festival

This January, come out of the dark and into the light with Napa’s Lighted Art Festival. The festival illuminates downtown and the Oxbow District with original art, technology, and interactive events created to entertain and inspire. Visitors can experience this open-air lighted visual journey along the streets of downtown – for free!

5 Winery Tasting Rooms to Visit in Downtown Napa

Woman with wine testing glasses

With close to 500 wineries in a nearly 800 square-foot radius, traveling from winery to winery in Napa County can cut into your tasting time. Ditch your ride, save time, and spend a day in the walkable downtown of Napa exploring the town’s many tasting rooms. Use our helpful What to Bring on a Long Day of Wine Tasting guide to prepare for your downtown excursion. Here are five of our favorite tasting rooms in Napa.